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Thread: precognition whilst copying cw

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Posted: 2012-02-08 23:40
Sorry for the title to this thread, especially, if it sounds so silly to some users.

When, I am copying, sometimes, my fingers literally run away with them selves. Basically, they hit the keys before sometimes, I might hear the character or this is how I think I perceive the experiance. Perhaps, this is mostly just, my anxiety or because, I make a mistake then try to hard to catch up with what my ears are actually listening to. There is no doubt that, some times, perhaps, because my mind realises that my fingers miss a character, my intuition forces my fingers to catch up with what I am hearing.

Another point, I think that I use my eyes quite a lot during the exercise to confirm what was taken down is correct. Light moves faster than sound so this jitter that I experiance might be my eyes trying to over compensate, along with my brain for instictivley realising that my fingers have lost the rythm and, skiped a character.

However, there must be so many letters in ever so many, where perhaps, your fingers hit the keys before the sound arrives at the ears.

Spooky action at a distance. Or may be not.

Posted: 2012-02-09 20:08
If I raise my eyes off the keyboard while RXing text or 5-char groups, then I'm lost.
But I think main reason for that is that I don't touch type.

Posted: 2012-02-09 23:51
I touch type for a living. But, I only use one finger to do the training. This is because I'm using my tablet to use this site.

At the beginning of the practice, Im fine. However something happens then I'm playing catch up and, its here that I start tapping out the characters before I hear them....lol

Posted: 2012-02-11 04:43
Dear slateblue, I suggest that you'd better use your guessing skills for guessing maybe the lottery lucky numbers. Then you wouldn't have to do touch typing for living and you could devote as much time & energy as you wished to have, to play morse.

While I haven't gotten it that far to guess the upcoming characters in advance, what indeed happens to me is this: sometimes I'm myself in a slateblue sleepy mode OR carried away by other completely irrelevant thoughts while practicing. However when I complete my training session and then go back to check what I did, to my surprise what I typed in, most of the times is (almost) 100% okay.
Which feels a bit scary; I know that I was not focused at all, yet the fingers were in auto-pilot mode and everything was fine.

Focusing ain't easy. A thought pops in your mind. Then you want to avoid that thought in order to focus and hardcopy your beloved di-dit thing.
And then you're destroyed. Eg if you close your eyes and I ask you NOT to think about monkeys, you'll (mentally) see monkeys everywhere. You can't NOT think about something !

The only difference between auto-pilot-not-focused mode and fully-focused state of mind is that in the latter case, my common dot mistakes like S/H and U/V are eliminated.

Those bloody dots. They're either too many, either too few.

Posted: 2012-02-12 16:20
Its quite possible, that my android browser used on my tablet is correcting the groups of five characters as I move through the training sessions. Already, I have tried to turn all these functions off in the settings. But, it seems that, Google keeps re-loading the settings from my account.

firstly, I tried to turn of the text settings on my android tablet. Secondly, I have searched for a minimalistic browser which might not communicate with Google as much. The problem that I now face, is the minimal browser has no Java so it can not play the training sessions. Ulitimatley, I must spend some more time to try and fine tune this browser.

However, I would be most grateful, if someone might advise of a route through this mine field. This nutty device is still auto-correcting just a little, although enough to make CW a little spooky:-)

Posted: 2012-02-12 20:13
There is a lot of cognitive research that indicates that our perception of time is pretty elastic, we often notice things subconsciously before wet consciously "place" them in time.

Old time cw operators have commented that they are best at cw when it is unconscious, and sometimes understand cw buried in noise without directly perceiving it.

Just some thoughts :)

Posted: 2012-02-14 11:54
yeah, the timing seems to be just as important as, actually learning/remembering the characters.........humanity...... possibly....has evolved of time:-)

In fact, when I loose the timing during an excerise, I might rely on precogition a little....until I sence time accurately, once more.

Posted: 2012-02-15 19:31
In fact, when I loose the timing during an excerise, I might rely on precogition a little....until I sence time accurately, once more.

Not experienced anything I like "precognition" at any point yet, myself. If I lose the rhythm then my copy usually goes to pieces. My best chance is to try to re-gain the rhythm at the beginning of the next word, or the word after that...

Posted: 2012-02-16 03:13
I have used cw on the air, but never very fast. I have experienced the effect of not really listening to a qso, but then realizing what was being said, or recognizing a callsign without trying.
The late n0hff, the author of "The Art and Skill of Radio Telegraphy" says you should relax. I try but slip in and out of it. But my copy improves as I calm down.

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