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Thread: No audio

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Posted: 2024-01-10 20:59
I’m not getting any audio from my phone. When I try to start a lesson, no audio is the result but the play button is pushed and progressing through the lesson. Any thoughts?

Posted: 2024-01-11 22:25
I don't own a smartphone and have never used LCWO on one, so I'm no expert on the topic. But since noone else answered yet, here are my thoughts.

1) Have you successfully played other audio in that same browser on your phone?
2) Since clicking the play button works and you see it progressing through the lesson, the JavaScript part is basically functioning. Audio output may be disallowed or muted specifically for this website in your browser. Have you checked that?
3) You could try a different browser.
4) Go to your CW settings (https://lcwo.net/cwsettings) and try changing the CW player. It should be jscwlib by default, so see if HTML5 audio works for you.

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