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欢迎来到 LCWO.net - 在线学习莫尔斯电码!


登陆 使用试用帐号(用户名/密码:test/test)进入。


- Koch教程
- 排行榜 — 与他人比较结果
- 速度训练 (字符分组, 纯文本练习, 呼号练习, 单词练习)
- 音频练习文件 (下载)
- 文本转换至电码 (无需登陆)
- 论坛 用户讨论与反馈
- 用户组
- 更多精彩,稍后推出...

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2021-03-18 - Note: LCWO will be down for maintenance starting around 00:00 UTC on March 19th 2021 for a few hours.

2020-09-01 - A "Dark Mode" is now available for people who prefer white font on a black background (in your account settings).

2020-08-05 - LCWO is now available in Korean language (한국어) - tnx Joe, HL5KY!

2020-07-26 - 17.000 words are available now for word training in German. Carefully curated by Wolf, DK1ET. Thanks!

2020-06-24 - New audio player (based on jscwlib) rolled out as the default. Sound is generated locally in the browser, no more delays!

2020-04-24 - LCWO user groups can now put a pin on the map so locals can find them! https://lcwo.net/usergroups/map

2020-04-17 - LCWO usage statistics of the last 12 years: https://lcwo.net/stats

2020-02-13 - The Morse Machine now supports different character sets / orders. Suggestions for new sets are most welcome!

2019-08-19 - The forums and user groups are re-opened!

2018-08-06 - LCWO.net moved to new hardware. Users should not take notice of it, but if you encounter any problems, please let me know!


ChangeLog — 不要犹豫,请将任何问题、批评、建议发送至: Fabian Kurz.

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