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ChangeLog — Please don't hesitate to report any problems, criticisms and suggestions to: Fabian Kurz.

2023-01-23 - Over the last months, plain text training was updated with texts in Czech, Japanese and Polish!

2022-01-05 - German word training now contains 30.000 words; thanks to Wolf, DK1ET!

2021-03-18 - Note: LCWO will be down for maintenance starting around 00:00 UTC on March 19th 2021 for a few hours.

2020-09-01 - A "Dark Mode" is now available for people who prefer white font on a black background (in your account settings).

2020-08-05 - LCWO is now available in Korean language (한국어) - tnx Joe, HL5KY!

2020-07-26 - 17.000 words are available now for word training in German. Carefully curated by Wolf, DK1ET. Thanks!

2020-06-24 - New audio player (based on jscwlib) rolled out as the default. Sound is generated locally in the browser, no more delays!

2020-04-24 - LCWO user groups can now put a pin on the map so locals can find them! https://lcwo.net/usergroups/map

2020-04-17 - LCWO usage statistics of the last 12 years: https://lcwo.net/stats

2020-02-13 - The Morse Machine now supports different character sets / orders. Suggestions for new sets are most welcome!

2019-08-19 - The forums and user groups are re-opened!

2018-08-06 - LCWO.net moved to new hardware. Users should not take notice of it, but if you encounter any problems, please let me know!

2018-01-25 - Callsign training now allows to re-play all callsigns, and along with it a pause-on-error mode.

2017-10-21 - Polish word training is now available (1000 words). Thanks Tom, SP7Q!

2017-10-21 - New interface language (#32): Sinhala / සිංහල. Thanks TekCroach!

2017-07-14 - New interface language (#31): Danish. Thanks OZ8AGB!

2014-12-20 - Preview of a new audio player for LCWO.

2014-12-17 - Serbian word training now available with 3000 words. Thanks Alex, YU0W!

2014-12-13 - Italian proverbs added in Plain Text training. TNX Alex, I5SKK.

2014-12-08 - Secure connection to https://lcwo.net/ now optionally available. See forum for info.

2014-11-27 - The 3000 most common Czech words are now available for word training. Thanks Jenda, OK1DNA!

2014-10-29 - New interface language (#30): Serbian / Srpski. Thanks Alex, YU0W!

2014-09-11 - Interface language #29 is online: Norsk (Norwegian) - Thanks Reinhardt, LA6ALA!

2014-06-15 - New alternative server in North America online. If you are in NA, chose it in your account settings.

2014-06-10 - Language #28 is online: Brazilian Portuguese. Thanks Rodolfo, PY3MAY!

2014-06-10 - Thanks to DL1AKP for updating the German word training lists!

2013-01-26 - Check out the new Morse Code Transmitting Trainer on LCWO. Still in an experimental stage; feedback wanted.

2012-09-30 - Language #27 was uploaded: Ukrainian by Mikolaj, UT4UQN. Thanks!

2012-07-10 - LCWO.net is now also available in Bulgarian language. Thanks Tony, LZ3AI!

2011-06-14 - Work on LCWO continues. Lots of small improvements were rolled out over the last few days (details). More to come, stay tuned!

2011-04-04 - Many thanks to fdl for translating LCWO to Chinese!

2011-01-13 - LCWO.net moved to a new and faster server.

2010-12-20 - To faciliate communication, direct private messages can now be exchanged between the users.

2010-12-07 - Interface language #23 is available: Turkish / Türkçe. Many thanks to Bekir, TA2RX for the translation!

2010-10-01 - "The reports of CW's death are greatly exaggerated." - Learn CW Online welcomes its 20 000th registered user today!

2010-09-28 - HTML5 audio support for Apple's Safari added!

2010-09-16 - The Text to Morse converter now offers HTML snippets for easy integration in blogs and websites.

2010-09-09 - Atom feeds are now available for LCWO News and the LCWO Forums.

2010-07-26 - New training mode: "Morse Machine".

2010-06-15 - Added a minimum character speed option to Callsign and Word training. Below the minimum speed, Farnsworth timing is used. Also repeats are now possible. QTC trainer supports abbreviated numbers.

2010-05-15 - LCWO now experimentally supports native HTML5 audio playback!

2010-05-05 - Added Italian to the word trainer. Tnx Stefano, IN3AEF!

2010-04-21 - Another new interface language is now online: Malay (Bahasa Melayu). Thanks to Amry, 9M2RIE!

2010-03-23 - The site is now also available in Thai language (ภาษาไทย). Thanks to Wut, HS8JYX!

2009-12-17 - Added Dutch (Nederlands) to the word training (tnx PA0WV).

2009-10-05 - Plain text training improved: Now containing over 3000 text snippets, proverbs, rhymes and fortunes in different languages. More to come soon!

2009-07-19 - Martin, 9A2JK translated LCWO to Croatian. Hvala! Several other small changes have been made to different parts of the site; check the ChangeLog for details!

2009-04-30 - Interface language number 19 is now available on LCWO! Thanks to Salva, EB3CML for the translation to Catalan!

2009-03-06 - Added Hungarian as language number 18! Thanks to Ottó/HA5OT, Béla/HA4YF and Ede/HA5BWW!

2009-01-26 - Added a QTC trainer (beta) for the WAE-contest. Translations for several languages updated.

2009-01-19 - Lots of changes and additions: User groups, profiles, Word training, more flexible CW parameters. See the announcement in the forum for details.

2008-11-03 - Membership reaches 5000! Work on LCWO continues, watch for some new features during the next weeks...

2008-10-05 - It's now possible to generate and download CW practice files for offline-use.

2008-10-04 - Greek language translation available. Thanks to Victoria, SV2KBS!

2008-10-04 - Improved statistics, custom character sets, and a lot of other small changes.

2008-09-18 - Two more languages: Bosnian (by Emir, DL4CC/E74JE) and Finnish (by Hannu, DM1TT). Hvala. Kiitos!

2008-09-17 - Polish language added. Many thanks to Tom, SP7WT / VK2OE!

2008-09-16 - Russian language translation added. Many thanks to Alex, YL3BU!

2008-09-15 - Slovenian and Swedish translations added to the site. Thanks Bosti, S55O and Giuliano (julle)!

2008-09-13 - Dutch/Flemish and Japanese language translations uploaded. Many thanks to Gust, ON7GZ and Atsu, JE1TRV!

2008-09-05 - Added Romanian as language no. 8 on LCWO! Thanks Fery, YO4PX!

2008-08-20 - Added Italian, Czech and Spanish as new languages. Thanks Maury (IZ1CRR), Ludek (OK2IEN) and Pablo (EA1QL).

2008-08-14 - Added French and Portuguese as new languages. Thanks David (CT1DRB) and Gael.

2008-08-04 - Added German as second interface language. More to come!

2008-06-24 - A simple forum is now available for all LCWO related discussions.

2008-06-17 - New speed training mode: Callsign Practice

2008-05-30 - Problems with focus in Firefox solved, other small enhancements.

2008-05-26 - New Flash based CW player available.