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LCWO.net - Learn CW Onlineへようこそ!


登録 登録は無料、今すぐ登録してCWの腕を磨いてください(ユーザー名 "test"、パスワード"test"でお試し可能)


- コッホ法CWコース
- 高得点 — あなたの成績を他の参加者と比較する
- スピード訓練 (符号グループ, 英語平文訓練, コールサイン聞き取り, 単語訓練)
- MP3練習ファイル (ダウンロード)
- テキストをCWに変換 (ログイン不要)
- 会議室 ユーザー間の相談やフィードバックのために
- ユーザーグループ
- 順次追加予定...

ニュース @learncwonline [Atom LCWO News Feed] [Atom LCWO Forum Feed]

2020-06-24 - New audio player (based on jscwlib) rolled out as the default. Sound is generated locally in the browser, no more delays!

2020-04-24 - LCWO user groups can now put a pin on the map so locals can find them! https://lcwo.net/usergroups/map

2020-04-17 - LCWO usage statistics of the last 12 years: https://lcwo.net/stats

2020-02-13 - The Morse Machine now supports different character sets / orders. Suggestions for new sets are most welcome!

2019-08-19 - The forums and user groups are re-opened!

2018-08-06 - LCWO.net moved to new hardware. Users should not take notice of it, but if you encounter any problems, please let me know!

2018-01-25 - Callsign training now allows to re-play all callsigns, and along with it a pause-on-error mode.

2017-10-21 - Polish word training is now available (1000 words). Thanks Tom, SP7Q!

2017-10-21 - New interface language (#32): Sinhala / සිංහල. Thanks TekCroach!

2017-07-14 - New interface language (#31): Danish. Thanks OZ8AGB!


ChangeLog — Please don't hesitate to report any problems, critics and suggestions to: Fabian Kurz.

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