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LCWO Public profile: OZ1LWT

[OZ1LWT] Name:Jens ole Morup
Language:Dansk (Danish)
Signed up:2020-12-14
User groups:
About me: Dear Readers!

Welcome to my Qrz.com my name is Jens Ole, OZ1LWT. I GOT my license I in June 1987 and got the callsign OZ1LWT. in 1988 passed I CW Test and I began HF and mainly find ​​DX'hunting interesting. I have started training my cw up again so am in the start phase and train for scars to get better :Note Learning cw my speed is 17 WPM, pse be patient TNX.

I am QRV From 23 CM to 160 Meter ALL Band and mode

Statistics Overview

Speed Practice  Place  WPM  Score  Attempts 
Code Groups
 - letters   -/12194 - 0
 - figures   2505/3354 - 1
 - mixed   -/2961 - 0
Callsign Training 5319/11089 29 2254 101
Word training 7834/11568 20 1618 1
Speed Practice  Place  max. WPM  ø Accuracy  Attempts 
Plain Text Training 11923/19388 39.4 4
QTC training -/4663 - 0