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LCWO Public profile: M7CHE

[M7CHE] Name:Robert Drage
Location:Cambridgeshire UK
Signed up:2021-08-20
User groups:
About me: I am born in the year MCMLXX and bred in Cambridgeshire England United Kingdom

I have lived in Alconbury Village, & Alconbury Weston Village, Huntingdon Town from Surry Road to Deal Close, to Kent Road and St Clement's Passage pus Ermine Street all in Huntingdonshire.

I have also lived in Sawtry Village and since 2008 I have resided in Coninigton Village Peterborough Cambridgeshire.

I have attended for education purposes:

Alconbury Primary School & St Johns Huntingdon Primary School, then St Peter Secondary School Huntingdon & onto Huntingdon Regional College.

I have also studied with the Open University on many different online distance learning courses around the subject of computers, data, information, technology, communications, web design.

I am also a former member of the Huntingdon Cambridgeshire ACF Army Cadet Force

I am a newbie when it comes to Amature Radio as I have just only gained my Foundation license (M7CHE) on July 31st, 2021, which I studied for via an online distance course held by EssexHams.

I am currently working towards gaining the knowledge needed to pass the next level Ofcom Amateurs Radio Intermediate license. via OARC (Online Amature Radio Community) hosted on Discord OARC

My QTH is in the village of Conington the former RAF Glatton USAAF designation Station 130. was a former Royal Air Force station Operational from 1943 to 1945 and was located 10 miles (16 km) north of Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire,

I am a new member of the Radio Society Great Brittan (RSGB) and a new member of the Huntingdon Amature Radio Society (HARS) in September 2021.

Huntingdon Repeater GB3OV (St Neot's) 70cm (RBO5) Locator: I09VG

Rx Freq 433.125 MHZ Tx Freq 434.725 MHZ CTCSS = 94.8HZ

I like to also spend time exercising around the Conington Fens and local areas via my bike & sometimes via walking. I currently own and drive a BMW Mini One which I enjoy driving around. I am busy most days with Housekeeping, Gardening, Radios, communications, Computers & IT, Art history and design, painting, and drawing. History and humanities. tropical fish keeping and feline husbandry. hydroponics and gardening. local and national and world Politics. History