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Thread: tx practice

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Posted: 2024-01-18 19:13
I would like to test my home made key and while I can and will write the code to do this I would love to know if it is already done somewhere? without a radio. just key and computer and internet.

Posted: 2024-01-19 11:52
Yes it has been done before but it hasn't really reached a critical mass. You need to look into morse over ip protocol:

But this project is stale.

Posted: 2024-01-19 12:59
On a second read, did you actually mean: checking if your keying is correct locally on your computer? I think you can do that with fldigi and a key to serial interface.

Posted: 2024-01-21 18:28
or Precision CW Fistcheck (free windows only). Multiple connectivity options: modified mouse, comport adapter, CW Morse adapter

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