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Thread: change Profile

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Posted: 2022-10-27 23:10
I uploaded a new picture, it says picture written, but nothing happens.73 Martin OE3VBU

Posted: 2022-10-28 00:08
Pictures are moderated, so takes some time.

Posted: 2022-10-28 08:20
Actually pictures should be uploaded and visible immediately. There are some limitations to the picture size which are not well documented, so maybe it'll help if you reduce the size of your picture locally before uploading it to the site.


Posted: 2022-10-28 17:28
Doesn't work out as such, when I upload the ISIS flag

Posted: 2022-10-28 18:14
Doesn't work out as such, when I upload the ISIS flag

That's probably your ISP.

Are there any tanks outside your house ??

Posted: 2022-10-28 22:43
1-0 for the adminis trator.

Sure cb, a lot of tanks still exist, and no one inside my house, so the conclusion is obvious.

Posted: 2022-10-31 08:30
Using this website is a privilege, not a right.

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