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Thread: "Effective speed" calibration -- correct ???

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Posted: 2010-01-08 07:05
I have been trying to copy Lesson 32 at:

Character speed: 20 wpm
Effective speed: 10 wpm

I _think_ the software spits out the letters much faster than 10 wpm. I haven't measured it yet, but I will.

Is there a problem with the speed calibration? Or is my brain, receiving CW, _really_ slow?

Thanks --

Charles VA7CPC

Posted: 2010-01-23 08:14
I'm having the same experience you are. When you start the lesson, you can see how long your run will be next to the start/pause button. I have mine set for 3 minutes, but the actual run is about 2 minutes 18 seconds or so at char 20 eff 8. That means the overall speed is about 11 wpm. My feeling is that the spacing between groups is what it should be at 8 wpm, but since the character groups are delivered at 20 wpm, the overall speed is higher than 8wpm. That is also affected by the average length of characters in the lesson.

Posted: 2010-03-17 13:03
Same experience over here, just standard setting is 1 min 20/10 wpm of text, but it will finish after 45 seconds.

Posted: 2010-04-25 13:59
The speed is perfect.

Characters are at character speed, and after that, after a character is sent, ONLY the WORDSPACE is sent at the effective speed.

That is what I learned on the main forum, So my advice is just READ before you post the same questions again.

This means that 20/10 is coming faster than 10 words per minute. because the characters are at 20; ONLY the wordspace, that is your permitted reaction time, is at 10 wpm. Hence doubled.

Hence it is easy to proceed from 20/10 to 30/10 but you will have severe problems to proceed from 20/10 to 20/20

Posted: 2014-08-29 13:02
Also I notice this odd characteristic of speed. So one technique I have found successful is to used Code Groups starting at at 21/4, always figures first then letters. When the error rate for both figures and letters is

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