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LCWO Public profile: witz

[witz] Name:Fritz Witzkowitz
Signed up:2014-02-27
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About me: Fifty-five (55) years on der air unt is strong going still. CW is der mode where one is capable of REAL friends only making. No other mode presents any real PERSONAL CHALLENGE or strict discipline, therefore is not much or even any effort required and so has little intrinsic walue - any dumkopf can talk on der telefunken machine of Alexander Graham Bell - now known as der interweb what is carrying VoIP digital voices. Who cares? It is nothing when compared to PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT of communication by tapping on der brass key of Herr S. F. B. Morse and decoding of der morse message sent from hand of good friend. CW is REAL radio, it is rhythm from der fingers unt musik into der ears, Ja? It is for good reason that Herr Morse has three initials, S. F. B. meaning Signals Fine Business!
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