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Thread: Own set of abbreviations

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Posted: 2021-11-21 20:01
Is there a way to select my own set of abbreviations I want to practice? I would like to select for example 10 most used CW abbreviations like QSL, QSO, TNX, RPRT, ...

Posted: 2021-11-22 16:41
If you want to have simple abbreviations for words, the general method is to remove the Vowels. For example, a word like "report" can become "rprt"

(1) QRL Frequency busy?
The frequency is busy.

(2) QRM interference from other signals.

(3) QRN Interference

(4) QRO Increase power?
Increase power.
If the intention is to abbreviate the common jargon associated with any activity, the general method is to abbreviate by removing Vowels from any word.

(5) QRP Decrease power?
Decrease power.

(6) QRQ Send faster?
Send faster (__ wpm).

(7) QRS Send slower?
Send slower (__wpm).

(8) QRT stop sending / transmitting?
Stop sending / transmitting.

(9) QRU Is there anything more for me?
There is nothing more for you.

(10) QRV Are you ready?
I am ready.

(11) QRX Stand by.

(12) QRZ Who is calling me?

(13) QSB Signal is fading.

(14) QSL Understand?
I understand.

(15) QSO a contact.

(16) QST Addressed to all amateurs.

(17) QSX I am listening on _____ kHz.

(18) QSY Change to another frequency
(or change to _____kHz).

(19) QTH location?
My location is ____.

Posted: 2021-11-23 00:11
That was not his question. He wants to exercise a subset of all abbreviations in use. My disappeared answer was: Use the program of wa2nfn in combination with "Convert text to CW" of this lcwo website.

Posted: 2021-11-23 03:19
Maybe the answer you are looking for is:

you create a file(s), either manually or with a tool
that puts them in a text file.

Then you use "Convert text to CW" to read the file and play cw.

Unfortunately, the text played is not random so you will get used to it - this as said before use a tool that can randomize the text from your file and create a new file to give to "Convert text to CW".

Very easy and very fast.


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