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LCWO Public profile: ldeletedl

[ldeletedl] Name:chairphone
Signed up:2017-06-15
User groups:deleted, [deleted]
About me: When you want to place a message without (possibly infinite) moderation delay: login as test password: test and you will have access to private user groups [deleted] (English) and deleted (Dutch)

You also can login with your own account and apply for membership to those private usergroups which will always be granted by me.

That is of value because probably the moderator G8TMV Colin Tuckley erases those usergroups of the test-acciunt at irregular intervals. So I regularly login as test to re-install them; annoying for test users that are then logged out when I log out of the test account.

Statistics Overview

Speed Practice  Place  wpm  Score  Attempts 
Code Groups
 - letters   -/7948 - 0
 - figures   -/1944 - 0
 - mixed   -/1600 - 0
Callsign Training -/7057 - 0
Word training 43/6860 45 9225 128
Speed Practice  Place  max. wpm  ø Accuracy  Attempts 
Plain Text Training 417/11927 50 99.6 1574
QTC training -/3139 - 0
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