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LCWO Public profile: kd5smf

[kd5smf] Name:Mark D Roberts
Location:Tulsa, OK USA
Signed up:2017-05-30
User groups:
About me: I started in Amateur Radio by taking the Novice Written exam and passed, however, I failed the 5wpm code test requirement.
Years later, I am now a General Class radio operator and still want to learn morse code. I have retained some of my earlier training but still struggle with receiving. I practice sending using app's on my smart phone, and using my paddles at home with a keyer. I am working on a 40 meter qrp transceiver and hope to be on the air by the end of summer or sooner.
I enjoy operating SSB on 40 & 20 Meters but truly want to send & receive Morse on the air. I'm going to keep practicing. 73's de kd5smf