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LCWO Public profile: df7fe

[df7fe] Name:Pit
Language:Deutsch (German)
Signed up:2008-08-29
User groups:German Speaking Users
About me: Morse Code Won´t Sign Off

born in Jul. 1958

married since Jun. 2004 (yl "Kerstin")

proud father since Jun. 2006 (daughter "Carolin")

We live in Eppstein, a small town approx. 25 km (16 miles) west of Frankfurt/Main. On my QSL-card (or homepage www.df7fe.de) you can see the older part of my QTH with the castle.

SWL/BCL since 1972. Founder of a (SWL-)schoolstation with more than 15 mbrs in 1974. I Learned Morse code at the age of 14 (with some others at school). Very first CW experience with unlis local QRP-QSO´s on 80 m (homebrew 1w 2-tubes TX, 0-V-1 RX) with these guys.

Finally passed the lis exam and got my ticket in Jan. 1976

Up to now I really love CW with a Junkers straight key and some kind of QRQ with a Schurr Profi_2 paddle.

Most of the time QRV in this mode

I am a member of DARC (DOK F27), AGCW (#394), HSC (#827)

Hope to meet YOU on the band.

- Don´t let CW die! Telegraphy forever! -

Do you like Webcams? Have a look on me during hamming. Just follow these links (video AND audio):
http://df7fe.dyndns.org:8080 ( JavaScript / Motion JPEG (Firefox) / Flash JPEG Stream / Flash FLV stream / Windows Media )
mms://df7fe.dyndns.org:9001 ( Windows MediaPlayer )

More info about me - just visit:

Statistics Overview

Speed Practice  Place  WPM  Score  Attempts 
Code Groups
 - letters   3912/9529 5- 145
 - figures   -/2438 - 0
 - mixed   -/2093 - 0
Callsign Training -/8519 - 0
Word training 162/8772 41 7035 6
Speed Practice  Place  max. WPM  ø Accuracy  Attempts 
Plain Text Training 7273/14905 41 61.3 118
QTC training -/3774 - 0