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LCWO Public profile: WA4A

[no user image] Name:Bob Truitt
Location:Burlington, NC
Signed up:2020-12-05
User groups:QRP CW
About me: On-the-air as a licensed radio amateur since 1962, I have always enjoyed QRP (5-Watts or less) CW and phone as a portable or mobile operator on various bands from 160 M to 70 cM. Now, at 73 years old, I have recenty retired from a successful lifetime career in radio and telecommunications operation and maintenance mainly due to my ham radio hobby as a teenager. I was even lucky enough to have had an assignment as a commercial radiotelegraph operator on a U.S. Merchant Marine crewed Navy ship during Operation Desert Storm. This gave me the thrill of finally operating shipboard MF and HF radiotelegraphy before its demise in 1999!
Now, having time to return back to my ham radio hobby, I recently acquired a new Yaesu FT-818nd transceiver and have configured it as a battery operated, multi-mode, HF, VHF and UHF packset, pedestrian mobile with an ATX Walkabout HF antenna and Palm mini paddle key.

73, DE WA4A

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Plain Text Training 1068/18334 30 98.6 6
QTC training -/4465 - 0