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LCWO Public profile: SV2SKD

[SV2SKD] Name:Panos
Signed up:2022-07-26
User groups:(SV) Greek Amateurs Learning CW
About me: Hello All!

My name is Panagiotis, (Panos for short) and i was based in Rhodes island in Greece since 2005 for 16 years.

I got my HAM licence in 2019 on SV5SKD callsign.

I moved to SV2 region and i ve been givven a new callsign SV2SKD.

I love digital modes and i am hunting various awards.

I am a Master Sergeant and Radio Operator-Maintainer MOS 25C.

I am a member in lots of Digital Groups/Clubs such as:

European Phase Shift (EPS) #34512
Croatian Digital Group (CDG) #04180
Natal Digital Group (NDG) #06547
30 Meter Digital Group (30 MDG) #13391
FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8 DMC) #19002
European ROS Club (ERC) #08691
Activity Group of Belarus (AGB) #01959
Belgium Club SSTV (BCS) #02231
TA Digital Mode Club (TADMC) #2018
YB6_DXC Digital Modes (YB6_DXC) #01107
Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) #25906
PODXS 070 Club #2916
I enjoy digital modes a lot, while my wish is to improve myself in CW. In June 2022, I completed the Beginner Class of CW Academy! An inspired initiative by CWops with amazing results! Read more information here: https://cwops.org/cw-academy/cw-academy-options/

During the semester before even i complete my training programm i was able to jump in and participate in 2 of CWAcademy contests and 1 in K1usn SST with great results even if i am still a newbie.

As my mentor says repetition repetition repetition, practice practice practice!

Thank you so much dear CWops! Thank you Duncan (Mac), G3WZD for mentoring me and the great teacher you are!
CWops are doing extrordinary work! I am impressed and deeply moved by the dedication, commitment and passion of this group!
TU CWops!

Also interested in scuba diving ( PADI TEC 40 diver) , photography, video editing, emergency communications, etc.​

Statistics Overview

Speed Practice  Place  WPM  Score  Attempts 
Code Groups
 - letters   2403/11765 10- 342
 - figures   1296/3202 10- 61
 - mixed   -/2796 - 0
Callsign Training 2949/10690 28 3061 5
Word training -/11161 - 0
Speed Practice  Place  max. WPM  ø Accuracy  Attempts 
Plain Text Training -/18710 - 0
QTC training -/4528 - 0