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LCWO Public profile: DD5RK

[DD5RK] Name:Ruediger
Signed up:2019-09-03
User groups:
About me: I'm on air nearly every day, 100% CW.
I started learning CW here on LCWO.

You can watch my activity:

RNB Reverse Beacon Network


Activity Heatmap (programmed by Fabian DJ5CW)


CW Club RBN Spotter (programmed by Fabian DJ5CW)


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I passed the amateur radio license (A-Class) in August 2019
at the age of 64 together with my wife (E-Class).
In November she also increased to A-Class.

I signed up in LCWO on 2019-09-03.
But we first installed the antennas and the shack.

We really started learning CW January 2020.
On 2020-01-30 I got to lesson 40 the first time.

On 2020-02-17 I had my first "QSO" with a German
special callsign on 80m. I got the name and the personal cs of the op, rst and his QTH.

I made the lessons from 1 to 40 a second time.
On 2020-06-14 I reached lesson 40 a second time.
I did all the lessons with 20/2 - 20/10

Because I worked on an other project in April,
I needed 4 months to complete.
In total I made 2339 attempts with groups of 5 .

I changed my training program.
I did the following training:

* listening on air
* most common 170 words, abbreviations, q-groups,
transcribing, hearing with higher speed.
* callsign training LCWO different speeds
* word training
* standard QSO-texts with LCWO convert text to CW
* groups of 5 all letter, all numbers, some punctuation

all hearing I do without Farnsworth
why? Because on air there is no Farnsworth
I start new things with 12/12 wpm and increase

12/12 wpm is theoretical equal to 20/10, but with 20/10 no
QSO on air is possible, but with 12wpm I can make
QSOs on air, if the QSO partner is willing to do.

* most common 170 words
* 200 abbreviations
* real call signs (file with 800 int. cs)
* clear text (in en, started with de)
* QSO texts, with complete QSOs
* all with straight Junker key (on air) and bug (only for fun)
* I started sending from the beginning in parallel in January 2020.

On Air:
Real QSOs on air.

Now things are going better in small steps. Since August 2020
I am active on air as good as I can.

Our Rigs:
Our first HF antenna was a self-made multi-dipole.
The 2m / 70cm antenna is a 5/8 lambda omnidirectional antenna, also built by myself.
With this antennas we are QRV on
160, 80, 60, 40, 30, 20, 17, 12, 10, 6m and 2m / 70cm FM.

In November 2020 we installed a second shack and
a long wire antenna with antenna tuner for my wife.
She is now QRV on
160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 12, 10m
Each of us has a ICOM 7300.


I stopped transcribing in December, I only hear.
The ability to copy increased.

The training program is now:


* call signs
* 170 most important Morse words in English and German
* numbers
* QSO phrases, QSO text

I use the material from
Kurt Zoglmann
I use a mp3 recorder.

I listen to different speeds, from QRS until I cannot copy
or only letters.


* most common 170 words
* 200 abbreviations
* real call signs
* clear text (in en, started with de)
* QSO texts
* all with straight Junker key (on air), bug (only for fun) and paddle.

I check sending by recording my own sending and than copying my own sending.
I analyze my own sending with a memory scope and audacity.

On Air
** on air nearly daily **

Still there is a gap between machine generated
code and man made code on air.

There is only one way to improve, that is going on air.

Next steps:
* improve head copy of man made code
* top xxx words in E and DE
* sentences
* e-books
* sending free text from head
* decrease dry training, increase time on air

Update Rig:
We now have for portable use with our car a Xiegu G90 (20W)
and a 14,5m GFK mast with drive on stand. The Xiegu
has a build in ATU. We use a wire of 13.5m. First
tests showed, that the ATU can match all bands from
160m to 10m.

Update 2023.01.16

On air nearly daily, 100% CW
Training call signs with program qrq from Fabian.
Using straight key, bug and paddle.

Next step: learning the Cootie, got a Cootie/single lever paddle from Begali HST Mark III

some pictures:

Hope to see you on air soon.