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Thread: Lessons and code group scoring system flawed?

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Posted: 2022-09-30 15:53
Let me start by saying that Fabian's contribution to morse learning, by LCWO and other offline tools like qrq, is monumental, so this is not a criticism but a request for discussion.

The scoring system used for Lessons, plain text training and Code Groups is based on the principle that, if you miss one character in a group, you only get a negative score for that particular character, whereas for Word Training and Callsign Training, one character wrong and the whole group is marked as wrong.

I think the latter is more realistic. In real-life scenario, that is on-air, if you miss one character, the whole group makes no sense.

I am not sure if this is technically possible or it is too much work, but, for the future, I'd like to see LCWO adopt this system for lessons, even if that means one takes longer to finish the tree, but in return one is more prepared for real life on-air situation.

Posted: 2022-10-01 13:33
Hi, I'm working through the lessons (8/40 now). This is my first post on the forum.

In my opinion, as a learner of morse code, the scoring method for Koch Lessons needs no changes.

Missing characters in a call sign or word is obviously problematic, and the related exercises here are scored accordingly. On the other hand, since the Koch lessons use random characters (and optionally random group size), scoring by group would offer little for the student to reflect on. What would be the significance of a large group marked incorrect with a single character error? What about a tiny group with another single error?

Since the Koch lessons focus on character copy, the character based scoring is natural. The graphical plots refer to it as accuracy, and I use it to decide when I should advance to the next lesson.

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