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Thread: how to copy word at high speed maybe 25wpm

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Posted: 2009-11-19 07:10
everyone can give the tips how to copy word at high speed like 25wpm?. which need to write down or memorise. 73

Posted: 2009-11-19 16:13
you can do both. Normally at higher speeds there is a little buffer in your head, your writing is some characters after te actual received letter. At least that's the way it is working in my mind.

Try to exercise copying all by head during driving a car, attending a church, etc.

Posted: 2009-12-03 06:48
thanks digibeet for your advise. i'am going to learn high speed

Posted: 2009-12-04 23:01
OK, right here you can exercise with whole words in plain text.
Go to "words', choose fixed speed, what you think you can handle, you can adjust the max length of the words. Don't use pencil or keyboard. Just listen and try to decode the word by head.
AFTER you think you have it, type it in. Red was wrong black was right. take a speed that about half the words are right decoded. That pushes your decoding speed of plain language by head pretty fast.

Posted: 2009-12-12 17:29
thanks digibeet

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