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Thread: First Characters

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Posted: 2021-02-11 14:56
Most lessons show the simplest characters first. Actually, it does not matter which characters are learned Beginner Lesson 1 can begin with
practicing about 8 characters.
s o m e w h a t.
These can be learned by
tapping out the dits and dahs for each letter
with the finger on any hard surface, if the student has
no key.
Any text or some sentences in a book can be used
for practice. When the student sees any of the letters in "somewhat" they can tap it out on a hard surface with their fingers.

When about 8 characters are learned, then they can be put into lesson form to past into the
"Convert Text to CW" box. A lesson can be made like this with a period at the end of each line. As the text is played in code, the student should write each letter.

s o m e w h a t .
m o t h s e h w .
w s m h t e a o .
a m w s h t o e .

The next lesson will mix up the same letters until all can be written down as they are played in Morse Code. When these are copied accurately, a new letter or number can be added. The student may choose to add any letter or number that they want next. Any letters or numbers can be learned.

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