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Thread: cwpt2 more synergy with LCWO, enhancements

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Posted: 2020-02-27 01:47
Updates to cwpt2.exe available at www.qsl.net/wa2nfn various downloads and full read-me

Since Jan 2020:

1.2.3 2/26/2020

-reverse, reverses the spelling of words read from -in fileName.
Why? You get the same letter frequency of input words, but certainly not
much chance of anticipating text. If you use with -NR (non-random) the words stay in the order read.
See example 24.

-EB_EFFECTIVE, -EB_EFFECTIVE_RAMP, -EB_SF, -EF_FS. See example: 22, 23 ,25
these are effective speed a.k.a. Farnsworth features.

-DR makes the appearance of delimiters controlled by -DM (delimiter multiples) random.

-EB_HELP, prints some option compatibility information for ebook options

-lesson, takes the Koch lesson number per LCWO and populates two options cglist (for code groups) and inlist
(for parsing word files) without the need to type in the character lists. Example 26

****** thanks to Stehpinkler for pointing out this need, sometimes people have the need or desire to use other tutors
-tutor, ONLY if you use -lessons AND you don't use LCWO as your tutor e.g. MorseElmer, JustLearnMorseCode, or G4FON, this option sets the order and specific
characters to be approprite to the lesson numbers. Example 26

- The options file now supports end-of-line comments: min=3 # bypass many prepositions.

- A Raspberry Pi executable was added to the website.

- See example 25 for a use of 80% of the options working together.

- Improved error detection, edits and typos cleaned in read-me.


Posted: 2020-02-29 18:29
wa2nfn his text preprocesssor, really has excellent educational aids to speed up the learning process.

Posted: 2020-03-03 04:54
Tnx OM but I think very few people want to try something new, even if they constantly voice complaints or frustrations with progress.

They must think its abandoning LCWO rather than it
giving other options.

Maybe I'll offer a PDF certificate for the user of the most features LOL.


P.S. its at http://qsl.net/wa2nfn I did have a note that some browser didn't find the page without using the http://

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