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Thread: Some initial reflections

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Posted: 2017-03-25 14:49
So my motivation is purely "for the fun of it", I don't hold an amateur license, though if i ever do in the future I would want to be proficient at CW.
Two comparable skills I already have are touch typing and the resistor colour code. At some point long ago i realised if i wanted a 47K resistor i wasnt thinking 4 is yellow and 7 violet, i was just going to a box of the things and picking out yellow, violet, orange (or the 4 band equivalent). Similarly with typing, it took maybe 3 weeks to get the right fingers on the right letters and after that it was just practice which over time translated into typing words not letters.
So that's the equivalent of where i want to get to with morse and having mastered similar skills I can see it should be possible.
My inspiration to get started was this video on YouTube https://youtu.be/UT973YhjdR4 with the advice to learn the characters at 30wpm (and among other places) head over to lcwo :-)
Progress so far? I've managed to get the alphabet/numbers and basic punctuation under control. It took around a month to do that and at times would be frustrating because adding new characters caused older ones to get mixed up and of course each new character is a decreasing fraction of the whole set.
Getting there was certainly a big step though i will freely admit i was still deriving / weak on some characters.
Using an app on the phone has been a huge help because it's easy to grab 10 minutes practice at lunch time etc.
While learning the alphabet i was doing 5 minute blocks with a character speed of 30wpm and a Farnsworth timing of around 5 or less.
I'm now at a stage of consolidating and speeding up, so far 30 second blocks 30wpm characters and Farnsworth 15 seems to be the way to go. It immediately dropped my accuracy from 90+ to around 50%. That's actually good because it shows the letters i needed to concentrate on and after two weeks 50% is nearer 65% accuracy.
Obviously other people's experiences and what works will vary.
Another bit of fun is seeking out a web SDR (software defined radio) and listening to off air copy (i don't possess an SW set), just recognising CQ and getting some of the copy from what was once unintelligible tones is quite gratifying.

Posted: 2017-03-25 16:40

enjoy !!



Posted: 2017-03-27 03:49
if only cw was as easy as resistor color codes. I learned a little ryme in a navy school that i never forgot. Bad boys rape young girls but vilot gives willingly...not very nice, but it works...assign a color to each word and you will never forget the color code or their values. there is more for the tolerence bands but this is not the venue for that..lol Bob

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