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LCWO Public profile: grufti

[no user image] Name:Peter
Signed up:2013-08-19
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About me: Introduction: I am 70. Passed my CW exam (12/12) in 1958. Never ever had a CW qso. I like challenges. For 30 years I did not touch a soldering iron. My first retirement project was a h/b programmable intelligent software transceiver (Picastar by G3XJP). It is my stn rig.

Two years ago I decided to brush up my CW. I chose a Koch trainer and through rather casual practice got up to 25 characters at 20/20. Now copying 12/12 with pencil is easy. I lost patience with character training, because I really recognise all letters and numbers, but only a few special characters. I want to get rid of the pencil. Listening to qsos, except exceedingly slow ones, hard to find, is a desaster. I discovered this site and started word training here as a test user. Words with 5 chars are ok at 25/25. The score is appr. 2500. 75% first time hits. On average only 2 or 3 words need more than 2 repeats. Similar with CW abbreviations. Plain text is a total desaster. I try to visualize the text on a mental screen and copy 2 or 3 new words but forget the ones before (no pencil, no keyboard). This is independent on speed. The intervals between words seem too short. I wonder if it is a good idea to practice the same text all over again, because I might fool myself by memorizing the text and not copying the code.

Finally proficient after exercising ARRL