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LCWO Public profile: KE0UKS

[KE0UKS] Name:Mark
Location:Minnesota USA
Signed up:2018-11-18
User groups:SKCC
About me: Now age 73, this is my 2nd attempt to learn CW. In 2019 I stopped at Lesson 11. Started this time on 12/02/22. Character speed 25, Farnsworth 8. 15 minutes morning. I am progressing at reaching 90% each new character in 18-21 attempts. Posted 12/21/22)
PS: Image is that of The Great Bell of Dhammazedi, the largest bell ever cast in the world. The location of the bell is known, but no one has been able to see it in over 415 years!

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Speed Practice  Place  WPM  Score  Attempts 
Code Groups
 - letters   -/11744 - 0
 - figures   -/3192 - 0
 - mixed   -/2778 - 0
Callsign Training -/10674 - 0
Word training -/11137 - 0
Speed Practice  Place  max. WPM  ø Accuracy  Attempts 
Plain Text Training -/18679 - 0
QTC training -/4523 - 0