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LCWO Public profile: n8vz

[n8vz] Name:Carl J. Denbow
Location:Athens, Ohio
Signed up:2018-03-25
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About me: I've been a ham since 1981. When I passed my novice I had multiple choice questions on the code test and passed because of good test-taking skills not because I had very good copy. Later I tried several other methods to try and learn the code. I'm now using the Koch method, and I think that finally I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm using 15 WPM words at 3 WPM spacing for an effective total WPM of 6.5. Right now that's perfect for me. Thanks so much for making this web site avaiable. I also want to thank my code Elmer, Josh Cash, KE8EAS. This is kind of an unusual Elmer relationship because Josh is 31 years old, and I'm 73!
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