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LCWO Public profile: bnejedlo14

[bnejedlo14] Name:Brenda Nejedlo
Signed up:2021-01-30
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About me: My husband and I are retired full-time RVers. Originally from WI, we made TX our domicile state. We assist with the Astronomy Program at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in ND each summer, where we get to live among the many Bison in the park. During the pandemic we decided to work on getting our Technician and General licenses, and to learn CW. POTA is an interest for both of us, and maybe (easy) SOTA. :) I am also a musician and decided to learn the Shakuhachi and while I was at it, how to speak Japanese. With COVID there is a lot of time on our hands! 73

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Word training -/9592 - 0
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QTC training -/4018 - 0