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LCWO Public profile: VE3JPL

[VE3JPL] Name:Jean-Paul Lefaivre
Signed up:2019-05-15
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I used to work as a Truck Driver for Dionne Concrete in Earlton,Ontario.I have just RETIRED. Back in my twenties I used to sing and play the guitar in a Family Band called "The Hickories."We used to play for Weddings, Anniversaries , Christmas ,New Years Dances, etc...' I still enjoy singing and playing the guitar. I enjoy this Karaoke stuff as it brings fond memories of times past.It is the next best thing to a live band.I also enjoy Photography,Surfing the Internet , Building Computers and Experimenting with Software . Another of my hobbies is tinkering in Electronics including Amateur Radio (VE3JPL) My main fascination is with The Unexplained .

Good humored,happy-go- lucky,take one day at a time.Always trying to help others out with things like computers,electronics etc...I have a keen interest in The Unexplained,such as UFO's,Reincarnation,and Life After Death. Religion has never had the answers that I was looking for... I had experiences when I turned 25 years of age that opened my mind to such things as EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS ,UFO's and REINCARNATION.My brother and I were playing music at the Tri-Town Motor Inn in Haileybury,when a lady friend walked in with some girl that I had not seen before.I had this strong feeling to find out who she was and maybe date her.Well, I got my date all right...We were playing cards one night when she started telling me the number and suite of the cards I had in my hands.I found out that this girl had ESP.She could tell if it was a Jack,Spade etc.... P.S. The cards were not marked in any way......She had trouble with 6's and 9's but if placed separately she could get them right.I also found out she could do CHANNELING of INTELLIGENCES that claimed to be Inter-Dimensional and Extra-Terrestrial in nature.These beings would come through and I could talk to them like talking to you sitting next to me.They would take over completely.They could use her body to walk down the street if they wanted to... . Her voice would change completely depending on whether it was a guy or girl you were talking to coming through the girl..You see movies about stuff like that, but it is not supposed to be REAL...Well ,THINK AGAIN .I was told of ET's Re-Incarnated here and where there were UFO Bases...Sounds FANTASTIC,but I would SWEAR ON a TRUCK LOAD OF BIBLES to the TRUTH of this! I have many of the traits of what is called "Star People"It is unfortunate that people tend to ridicule such things,but when you personally experience this phenomena it opens your mind to other possibilities.They say seeing is believing,well even then, it is hard to accept for we are conditioned by society to think along certain lines.Public opinion does not share the idea of THINKING OUT OF THE BOX,so to speak....I am a FREE THINKER,I do not accept everything I hear, read or see especially from SO CALLED EXPERTS.There are many things that are kept secret by our Governments..RIDICULE is ONE of the best ways to hide TRUTH.People avoid subjects of ridicule EXAMPLE ( THE UFO PHENOMENA)...Most people do not touch the subject for the fear of BEING BRANDED as insane,nuts,etc... Believe me ,I do not care what people say.I STAND FOR WHAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED.. I HAVE SEEN AND EXPERIENCED THESE THINGS !! It is time for people to WAKE UP and THINK for THEMSELVES and not let the MEDIA DICTATE what is or isn't the norm. I would not have anything to gain by INVENTING SUCH STORIES.... TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION !!! I do think that THE TRUTH is coming out slowly.........PS ! I like signing petitions to let OUR GOVERNMENT know that WE do not approve of THEM DOING AS THEY PLEASE with no regards on what WE WANT..I like putting those BIG SHOTS in their places...IT is TIME to STAND UP for OUR RIGHTS! P.S. Our Planet Earth is Hollow and this is a well kept secret.If you do some research about Admiral Byrd you will find an interview on VIDEO where he speaks about a land greater than the United States located in the polar regions.He speaks about the land beyond the poles.My favorite site is The Hollow Earth Network with Billy Faye Woodard.Pretty interesting stuff on that site.Some stuff checks out with my information that I got back when I was 25 years old.
Favorite Quotes
1-A turtle has to stick it's head out of its shell in order to proceed along its path. 2-Nothing is more maddening than to hear THE TRUTH,it hurts more than being told a lie. 3-A TRUE SCIENTIST is a person who is open to new concepts,one who is not afraid to GO OUT ON A LIMB, regardless of his reputation being at stake.5-If something is NOT TRUE,why go through so much trouble trying to suppress something that does NOT EXIST.The very fact of trying to suppress it proves that it is TRUE and that they are trying to hide it.----P.S. I have Xplornet here and it is VERY UNRELIABLE.
We have complete outages for 2 or 3 days sometimes.I have much trouble trying to record any songs on Sing/Snap.I get many problems on Firefox with Adobe Flash crashing.It is better on Internet Explorer but still crashes at times.I record and it does not save my songs.Sometimes I record and it stops 3/4 way into the recording and I have to start again all over.