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LCWO Public profile: M0TGN

[M0TGN] Name:Dan
Signed up:2010-09-27
User groups:
About me: I’m Dan I use the FT2000 with a MQ26-SR Mini Beam which is about 40ft up. I must admit that as nice as it is working from home, I still enjoy /p /m radio operations (just not on those long winter nights)

Favourite bands at the moment must be 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m and 6m, all of which give me plenty of contacts.

You can follow me on twitter www.twitter.com/m0tgn or look up my blog at www.m0tgn.com

Please sign my contacts list, and hope to catch you on the air. Thanks for looking me up.

Statistics Overview

Speed Practice  Place  WPM  Score  Attempts 
Code Groups
 - letters   4826/11968 7- 1
 - figures   -/3273 - 0
 - mixed   -/2882 - 0
Callsign Training 6048/10882 25 1995 3
Word training 1258/11335 37 4339 2
Speed Practice  Place  max. WPM  ø Accuracy  Attempts 
Plain Text Training 1/19047 15 100.0 3
QTC training -/4585 - 0