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LCWO Public profile: DL5DG

[DL5DG] Name:Stefan
Language:Deutsch (German)
Signed up:2013-10-20
User groups:German Speaking Users, Swiss CW Fans - HBCWF
About me: After several unfinished attempts I completed all 40 lessons of Koch method with 15WpM effective speed during the time from May to November 2016. At the beginning of my last and successful attempt I had been reading the script "Zen and the Art of Radiotelegraphy" from Carlo, IK0YGJ (www.qsl.net/ik0ygj/enu/). It describes a step-by-step method which can be combined easily with Koch's method. It is available in different languages and it is for free. For learning to send Morse code I am using the Begali's CW Machine and a straight key. This setup is perfect for copying in mind. CW Machine is giving feedback directly after decoding your repetition of it's previous output like clear words, abbreviations and call signs. OE1WKL's Morserino-32 might be considerable, too. After testing several keys I stuck to a vintage Junker key. Good luck to all other CW newbies like me!

Statistics Overview

Speed Practice  Place  wpm  Score  Attempts 
Code Groups
 - letters   908/8545 15- 268
 - figures   586/2129 15- 60
 - mixed   309/1780 15- 19
Callsign Training 4072/7641 15 2130 42
Word training 1646/7606 22 3540 58
Speed Practice  Place  max. wpm  ø Accuracy  Attempts 
Plain Text Training 5555/13044 15 68.9 11
QTC training -/3392 - 0
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