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Thread: Morse App

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Posted: 2014-01-10 21:05
You need to learn Morse code? Or you would ever learn to secretly transmit messages to your friends? Then this app is perfect for you. Listen how sound characters in Russian and Latin alphabets, train your skills in transmitting with built-in keyboard or as on real Morse decoding device, and in receiving encoded messages. Challenge yourself - transmit many symbols you can in 1 minute, get awards for best your results and tell about your achievements friends in social networks.

App features:
-Supporting for Russian and international Morse code;
-Transmitting character using built-in keyboard(for beginners) or the touchpad( as in real Morse encoding device);
-Two mode of transmit training - generated sequence of symbols and words;
-Speed transmitting test;
-Several type of transmitters(receiving training): custom tone, system tone(DTMF), camera flash, screen and vibro;
-Displaying obtained achievements and the capability to share them with your friends.
-Morse code handbook with playing encoded character sound.

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