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Thread: What's Better at Recording?

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Posted: 2014-01-09 21:22
Just starting out new. I leaning code at a ripe
young age of 66. I'm up to lesson 4. However, my
stumbling block is kb entry or writing it down.
kb works if the letters are close enough. What's
better? I finding that I can remember what I hear
well enough, it's just recording it that slows me

73's Tom

Posted: 2014-01-09 23:46
Tom, most questions are repeated agn es agn.

Type in google: writing or typing site:lcwo.net

and you find what you want to now. Gd luck

Posted: 2014-01-09 23:49
Hi Tom! I am having the same problem! I can't touch type, so getting above 5wpm is proving to be a real challenge. I think that I am going to try an online touch-typing course to get past this limitation. Using a pencil is simply impossible...


Posted: 2014-01-10 20:41
Typing on a keyboard should be absolutely no problem up to 13wpm, because that translates to roughly 1 character per second. That's a lot of time between characters.

I have the recording problem too but I'm sticking with typing because it shortens the time between lessons (I don't have to copy my handwriting to lcwo to have it checked after the lesson).

Listening to more morse code in less time is a good thing for training I think. The problem is very likely not your typing speed, even if you "hunt and peck" on the keyboard.

See it is win/win, learn CW and improve your typing in one go!

Posted: 2014-01-10 22:00
Hi Lea, I used your suggested phase to pull up more
threads on my query. I found that there was a lot of traffic on my subject.


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