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Thread: Expand the Morse Machine?

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Posted: 2013-12-31 18:10
Hi All! I'm a newbie and am very grateful for the LCWO resource. It has worked wonderfully for me! Now that I am past lesson 40 I am noticing that learning the expanded "full" morse alphabet has become much more difficult than the first 40. I really benefitted from the morse machine. Who else would like to see the full set of characters on the morse machine?

Cheers for the New Year!
(KFU8406 was a call sign I had back in the 1970's)
Bozeman MT

Posted: 2013-12-31 19:45
I would!


73 -- Georg

Posted: 2013-12-31 20:14
If that's the case, I would add them to both the Koch course (expanding it to 58 lessons) AND the morse machine to make the whole site consistent about learning the extra characters.

Changing which characters you'll learn on your settings page should then be reflected throughout the site. I would find that very consistent and logical, although it could be difficult for the Koch course when you DEselect a letter in the middle of the course. I have to think about how one would solve that in an intuitive, userfriendly way...

Posted: 2014-01-01 13:48
While thinking about this I also stumbled upon people who think the "english proverbs" is a rather small file, a few hours of practice and it's all memorized. Maybe a Lorem Ipsum generator for the plain text training is a good addition.

Particulary because I noticed that receiving text is MUCH harder than the Koch groups, because regular text contains much more "short characters", effectively speeding up the characters per minute by a great deal.

Posted: 2014-01-01 18:00
I'm happy to see that other users find the idea attractive, and logical! Rolf, I know what you mean about the proverbs. With me, after two words of the proverb, I had it figured out. Maybe a mixed blessing that I have so many proverbs memorized? HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Posted: 2014-01-01 20:25

if you are bored, try the proverbs and word training in languages you don't know. :-)

Many nice words you can practice on. For example, these here come from my language, and I find them terrible at speeds near my speed limit:


And when that's not enough any more, how about some Finnish tongue twister words?



73 -- Georg

P.S. Don't ask me what that Finnish word means, please. I found it on the internet and hope it's not profanity!


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