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Thread: MP3 Files

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Posted: 2009-02-14 17:02
Hy everybody !

Very nice site and i'm very happy that I found it. Keep up the good work Fabian. Because my ear it's not so train to understand the code I want some audio or mp3 files with the characters to listen in the car, something like A (alfa) .- and so on, and after this to listen to the practice files with more letters. Does anybody know where can I find somthing like this or how to make my own files ?

Thank you !

73 de YO2MRS

Posted: 2009-02-17 21:32
Download the JustLearnMorseCode by LB3KB from www.justlearnmorsecode.com . This program has an option to record mp3 files and just burn them on a CD or put them in your MP3 player. You can create files up to 60 minutes using this program
You might need to have a MP3 program installed to use the mp3 output, if not it will generate .wav files

73 de LA3AKA

Posted: 2009-02-17 21:34
You can also use the MP3 practice files option on this page.

73 de la3aka

Posted: 2009-02-19 11:01

Thank you Johnny for the info. First I have to learn the letters then I will switch to practice files.

73 de YO2MRS

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