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Thread: Plateau at 7wpm effectice speed - what to do

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Posted: 2013-12-26 21:45
i have all the 40 lessons finished and now try to increase my speed with call-Training with 16wpm and repeat the lesson 40 with currently 16wpm/7wpm effective speed.

The calls i can pick up mostly, sometimes i have to hear it twice to finalize the call completely but what i hear is often correct. Only sometimes a bit too fast for my brain if i have to "think" a split of a second about an unusualy character.

Similar things happen in the lesson 40 with the above speed. Even if the effective speed is slower then in the call training i often miss an unusual letter like "/" or something i haven't heared for a few days. Then my brain stops and i miss the next letters.

Sometimes it's very hard to forget and to focus on the new rythm again so i miss 3-4 letters of a group.

Sometimes i get 97% and sometimes 87% but the lower results are usualy not because i don't know so many letters, but because i get out of the rythm.

My goal is 16wpm effective. So would it be a good idea to increase the speed and then try the way up to at least 90%?! or should i stay at that speed and try to focus more on what to do when i miss a letter.

Best regards

Posted: 2013-12-27 00:16
I have the same problem, in Koch lesson 33, but that's because I haven't been practicing for a while. I miss one letter, then my mind wanders off and thinks about what that letter was, or "how could I miss that" and while that happens I miss the rest of the group.

Sometimes it even lasts for the few letters in the next group, because my mind is occupied with frustration instead of open to new letters.

I'm trying to fight it by focussing on just skipping a letter and focussing on the next one, hoping that this problem will fade. But I am curious how other people fight this problem.

Posted: 2013-12-27 14:18
I know many ppl have that problem.
And of course the correct answer will be to practice more and more and steady.

I just wander if an increase in speed may help or can help, just to get the brain trained, so that you are more relaxed on the next lower speed and don't miss the letter in the first place.

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