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Thread: suggestions for how to proceed

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Posted: 2013-10-07 07:56
I went through the whole 40 lessons at 10wpm in 2011 an then didn't really practice copying much until now. I did listen to and talk CW on the air sometimes. Now I am doing word training and also practicing code groups at ~15wpm, with character timing at 25wpm.

With word training I don't really have much problem - sometimes I have to repeat a word a couple of times as the speed climbs, but I don't find it too frustrating.

But with code groups, I feel like I'm doing terribly. I fall behind and then it becomes a struggle to even catch one or two characters from each group. It's very frustrating. If I slow it down to 10wpm instead of 15 it becomes much easier. So I wonder if i've run into some sort of barrier with remembering characters or something.

I wonder if someone has an opinion of whether I'm just trying to go too fast, or should I try something else? I don't think I'm counting out code elements because in word training I can copy words fine at 35+ wpm when there is no real chance of counting. But I fall apart if I don't get a little pause between words. I'd love suggestions on what to practice to get over that problem.

Posted: 2013-10-07 11:18

If I want to copy mixed code groups error-free I have to set the CW speed about 30% lower in LCWO than the speed at which I can copy QTC error free (just tried).

I don't see this as a barrier. I should simply devote more time to code groups but - as useful as they are - I hate them ;-)


Posted: 2013-10-07 16:45
Learn what you want to do.
Code groups has no sense for ham radio.
So exercise call signs or words and plain text

Posted: 2013-10-07 18:43
Hi Eric,
whilst you have to think with words, plain-text, and on the air, you should not start to think on code-groups. Just try not to read and get them.
The speed of course depends on your writing-speed on key-board or by hand. Start slow and improve.
At the army we had to do the same with plain-text. For practice we had text with "wonderful" wrong words like Misssissipi, Johnn or Poppcorn, just the check us ;-)

Posted: 2013-10-07 23:48
Ok this is helpful. I guess I just need to get better at building up a buffer and not wasting time over missed characters. I feel like code groups push up against that limit. It's very hard to not let my brain try to interpret them!

Chairefone: i'm not particularly focused on ham radio. I'd like to eventually be able to copy arbitrary (even random) text at at least 20wpm.

hb9csa - thanks - sometimes the typing does get in the way, i think it would be better if i could remember the letters as I hear them and then type them in groups, since that's much faster. I can type very fast, but one at a time is much less efficient. Will try building up a buffer.


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