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Thread: Sending analyzer/tutor

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Posted: 2013-09-17 19:20
I am looking for a program that can analyze and correct my sending. It should be able to measure the timing of the sent dits, dahs and spacing between the characters and words and generate corresponding statistics. The correction function should for a preset speed warn me (optically or by sound) if i get too fast/slow or if the writing is too fuzzy.

Does such a program exist? Thanks a lot in advance for your kind help.

Kind Regards,

Posted: 2013-09-18 13:33
look at the link

Posted: 2013-09-18 19:34

Dankje vel, men jeg prater nit nederlansk, unfortunately. I lived about three years in Oegsteed, but my poor Dutch got whiped out by learning Norwegian. I shall try hard but I would be happy to get som more information in English or German. Thanks a lot for your efforts.

Kind Regards,

Posted: 2013-09-29 00:56

I found now two diagnostic programs helping to analyze the quality of the user's sending:

1. DoKtor Morse analyser, version 2. on http://www.qsl.net/zl1an/index.html
2. HQX Morsetrainer V4.0.09 on http://htc.ch/en

I hope one of these programs will help keeping my sending from going out of control.

Of course I am very happy if somebody can help me with his practical experience in learning how to send clean and lean code. Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,

Posted: 2013-09-29 12:09
Look at youtube how to handle and adjust a straight key. Links were at this forum in the present past.

Some schools do everything (dits and dashes) out of the wrist movement, that limits your future straight key speed sincerely.

Look at:

Use a straight key, NOT some mouse button to exercise. That will ruin tour future fist.

Important is to use the right word spaces (7 dits), in order to make copy by head possible for the receiving side. doktor morse doesn't report that parameter.

gd luck, Greg

Posted: 2013-09-29 15:16
Hi Greg,

thanks a lot for your input. I'll act on your advice. I am actually building a key by wb9lpu:


I hope that will work nice. Thanks again for your help.

Kind Regards,

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