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Thread: Ear Training - Possible Solution

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Posted: 2013-09-09 11:31
I was having a very frustrating time trying to train my ears and brain to hear the letters. So instead I slowed it down to 5 wpm, ignored the letters, and simply made very short vertical strokes of my pen for the dits, and long horizontal strokes for the daws; then I would decipher the word.

I generally had to repeat the word 3 times until I had it. However, in just a few hours I noted I had to speed up to 7 wpm so I could better make out the dits and daws. It only took another few hours until I could make out the letters. In no time at all I had to abandon writing down the dits and daws and step up the speed to 8 wpm so I could hear the letters.

I was very amazed at how quickly this technique got me through the learning curve/plateau that frustrates people.

I will probably hit another plateau in learning and start getting worse, but if that happens I'll just go back to the basics of writing out the dits and daws again until I'm though it.

I'd like to see how this works for others. Please try it and comment.

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