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Thread: moderation

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Posted: 2013-07-14 22:32
I had a date with a bright guy that learned me:

In universities it is by the teachers a well known effect that the students, bright guys (and sometimes gals) in beta, have the idea how the world has to be changed.

Nice to meet those guys, they have an idealistic image how the world has to function. I like that,

However, when they mature and left graduated the universities they have - like in Dutch universities well known -the room wide carpeting effect:

All principle behaviour about the way the world should be constructed and functioning,is forgotten and they adapt rapidly to "tree house, wife, car and children" behavior. becaus4 (my opinion) that is rewarding, and they forget immediately about their ideal about how the world should be better, because .... fill in yourself, with money success and no idealism because that lowers your income.

We are lucky with an idealist as DJ1YFK as owner of this website and MODERATOR. Moderator? Is that not the same as supprressing opinions and data the moderator does not agree with you?

What is the value of a principle when you dump it when it cost you money or whatever?

I wrote about using iambic paddles, and my contribution is lost in moderation. One out of 3 contributions is lost.

So what say DJ1YFK, Have you wall to wall carpeting installed?

Post awaiting moderator approval.
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