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Thread: viewing progress of other members

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Posted: 2013-02-02 10:38

Is it possible to view the practise by practise progress of other users?
If so how?

Posted: 2013-02-02 12:56

this is normally not possible.

The only thing other users could share with you would be the URL/address of the graphs in their statistics, like this one for the "test" user (which, of course, is so full that it hardly makes sense any more :):

This graph is updated each time the user has a look at his statistics. E.g. if he never has a look at it, it doesn't update automatically.

A while ago, these image files were just called "kochX.gif" where X was the user ID, but I eventually changed it to improve the user's pravacy, to a hash that's not guessable by the user ID anymore. When one shares this URL, however, others can keep up with their progress.

It'd be worth a thought whether there should be improved facilities of sharing one's results, e.g. in order to enable teachers of CW courses to keep track of their students' progress...

Fabian DJ1YFK

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