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Thread: Figures about lcwo.net - help with analysis!

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Posted: 2012-12-30 14:25

I just thought this may be of some interest, some figures of LCWO usage (over the last 4.5 years):

MorseMachine delivered characters: 10 mln
Koch Course delivered lessons: 1.1 mln
Code Groups: 265k
Callsign Training attempts: 110k
Word Training attempts: 88k
Plain Text training attempts: 143k
QTC training attempts: 20k

More than a year ago, I tried to make some statistics about the learning behaviour in the Koch Course; the results can be found in my presentation at

I am not much of a statistician and my time is limited, but I think the data pool I am hoarding is probably the most extensive that was ever recorded on learning Morse Code.

If anyone with a weakness for statistics is interested in crunching the data and creating an analysis of learning behaviour, please get in touch with me (here in the forum or fabian@fkurz.net)!

(It goes without saying that only anonymized data will be shared with third parties.)

Fabian DJ1YFK

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