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Thread: cw is incredible heavy

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Posted: 2012-12-19 01:49
Hi, today I reached Lesson 2, but cant say how difficult it was. Got last year an heart infarct and since then I may not hurry in all what I do (sorry, my english is very simple...). When I start the lesson, its incredible fast (did not change anything, the speed is 20/10) and my heart starts pumping quicker. Am not sure if it is good for me to go on, but since my childhood, when I heard first time, that this funny sound at sw are communications between people, I wanted to learn this code. Are here any oher ones with heart problem and still learning or using cw without angina pectoris atacks? :-)

Posted: 2012-12-19 10:31
go back to 20/5 or even slower to the point where you don't watch increased heart beat. when you get 90% increase the speed somewhat and start over again.

Posted: 2012-12-19 13:30
There is no need to hurry up. I started with 20/10, too. I decided that it is too fast for me and went down to 15/10. After a few sessions I increased the effective speed by 1. Now I reached Lesson 15 and work with 15/14. When your Heartbeat increases you feel uncomfortable. But cw is fun. Hear it, feel it and write down the letters, you hear. Don't waste time for the unheard letters. It is only practice. And practice needs time. Relax and hear cw like an audio book. There is no need to hurry up. Not for you and not for your heart.

55 & 73 de Heiko

Posted: 2012-12-20 01:27
Hi, thanks for your hints. I didnt recognize this small 'ändern' (change) butto for adjusting speed. Now I set it to 15/10 and now my heart keeps calm :-)

Posted: 2012-12-22 03:08
CW learning or CW communications should never be a stressful activity. If code speed or lesson progress seems to out pace your understanding (or comfort level), then you and your heart will be stressed out. This is NOT GOOD.

Reduce speed to a easy pace. Soon you will become bored with this. Increase the speed to a point it gives you a challange but not stress.

Treat learning CW as a hobby not a job or life mission.


Posted: 2012-12-27 16:59
my heartrate keeps itself detached from the cw-speed :)

what i need is oxygen and sugar in the brain, as well as
a focus... but i never noticed a relation to my cardiac system...huh? But above suggestions sound good.
gl and take it easy - it all comes to whom he waits
vy 73 oh8xat

Posted: 2012-12-29 00:21
Thanks again for your friendly words (sorry, my english is to simple to say it in better words). Am now at lesson 4 and set to 13-10. Its good to repeat a lesson for some days, also when the succes rate is above 90%. Now when I use a cw decoder (a small era 2 machine and Bonito Radiocom) I can hear if the decoding works by hearing the signs I know from training, its very nice.
bye and happy new year to all!

Posted: 2012-12-29 01:04
Hi Erwin,
the problem with a char speed less than 15 wpm is that you can count the dit's and dah's. And then you build a plateau which is hard to brake. The underlying concept of Koch's method is to reach 90% and then moving a lesson further. In the new lesson you learn a new sign and repeat the others.

CW isn't hard to learn. Think of a child learning his native language. It is just practice. It needs time. Hear the signs over and over again and they will be stored in your brain.

At the beginning of a training day hear the chars at higher speed (maybe 20wpm). Just hear them for a minute or two. Then decrease the speed to your normal speed. It seems the letters are very slow.

gl, vy 73 de Heiko, dc2hr

Posted: 2013-01-06 00:19
Hi Heiko,
when I used 20/10 first I used the keyboard of my notebook. It was diffcult at this speed but it worked by holding the fingers on 'm' and 'k'. Ans I asked me how to do when there are more than 10 signs... So I tried writing on paper (yes, I write in 'Laufschrift', as it is said to do. But no chance, at this speed I could not wirte something like 'kkmkk', especiallly the 'k' needs more time than an 'm' or 'u'. So I returned to keyboard. I understand what you say, the signs should not be so slow that they are heard as a following of . and - but as a melody. At 15/10 I hear it as melody and can wirte them. But by going forward to fast leads to a loosing the concentration, I hear then only meaningless . and - and must wait to the end of the 5 group. So going on to next lesson already when I have 90 % for one training for first or second day would be to quick and makes me the stress I told above. Hearing signs at higher speeds I do sometimes by listening at 7 mhz with e decoder. So I can decode in my head and looks to the decoder to control. At which speed are you used to give and take cw?
Friendy greetings

Posted: 2013-01-06 10:28
Hallo Erwin,

there is more than one way to learn CW.Below are my experiences.

We read a lot here that character speed needs to be fast to avoid hearing/counting dots.

However when I started CW the CW teacher in the OV trained us with 8WPM in the beginning, very soon with 10WPM/10WPM effective to learn all characters, then we moved up speed to pass the exam.

We learned all the letters & numbers in about 4 months at slow speed - all of us in the group.
Within these 4 months we slowly increased/decrease speed as needed.

We did not use Farnsworth/Koch (no fast signs / long spacing)

We learned 2 characters per week, later sometimes 3. The speed was chosen accordingly to keep up this pace.

I still remember that even 10/10 was fast for me at that time in the beginning ;-) and the final speed of 16wpm was breath taking. After 8 months we passed the CW exam at 12wpm.

So if 20/10 etc. does not work for you >>in the beginning>sometimes

Posted: 2013-01-07 00:59
Hi Gerd, nice to hear this. Am now at lesson 5 and error rate jumped up from usual 90% to 70 and lower. This happens when we learn anything, it doesnt go everytime linear, learning is sometimes like jumps. However, i go on but will try further with 20/10 and will repeat longer the lesson until it goes better. A difficulty is that I am writing to slow on paper and on keyboard i am not used to write really fast 8have not made any typewriter lessons). All a question of patience :-).
Friendly greetings

Posted: 2013-01-07 01:00
not 20/10, am training still with 13/10...

Posted: 2013-01-09 02:13
First lesson just joined this forum its awesome. I have been trying to learn without teacher. What is effective speed? KB3ASA Looking forward to buying a radio.

Posted: 2013-01-09 07:58
What is effective speed?

You can set character speed and effective speed independently. If both have the same value, you get standard timing. If you lower the effective speed, the pauses between the letters are longer, effectively decreasing the speed, while the characters itself are still sent at a high speed, to preserve their sound.


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