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Thread: Skipping tough letters...

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Posted: 2012-11-09 02:34
After practising at 15wpm on level 2 for a while, I still keep messing up the letter K. I think it's a U until I hear a real U, and then my brain spasms and I miss the next few letters. Is there any way to move K further back in the lessons and try hitting it again later on, when I stop thinking its a mutant U?
For now, I'm just slowing down and moving on.

Posted: 2012-11-13 02:58
Your problem is not unique. -.- and ..- seem to be very different on paper. For some reason the mind scrambles this and other letters in learning CW. Try to forget about the dits and dah's and associate with just the sound of the letter. Practice these difficulties with high repeations of the letter sound.


Posted: 2012-11-14 00:20
Thanks! I'll just keep pressing on; I have terrible reflexes.

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