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Thread: speech recognition engines?

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Posted: 2012-08-29 06:17

I have a problem in that by the time I find the key on my keyboard to type it, I'm already two or three letters behind. Writing with pen and paper isn't much faster.

I can think of the letter and say it, but not remember all the letters in the right order to write them in latter.

I had a look at Win7's speech recognition software and the spell it feature worked pretty good when using phonetics at a fast rate. So it'll keep up.

However the spell it feature doesn't work on web based forms (and didn't work in a 3rd party word pad program either). So by the time I press play, then click on the Microsoft Wordpad, then say spell it, wait for it to recognise the command and then start reeling off letters to it, I'm back where I started with typing or writing the letters down.

Does anyone know of better speech recognition software that will let me spell the words out quickly, or is there some way of putting a delay in on the start button.
So when I push start, it has say 10-15 seconds of silence before the Morse starts, so that I can have time to get the spell it feature going.

Cheers, DJ

Posted: 2012-08-29 09:59
Dear DJ,

how about lowering speed and exercising a bit to get the typing delay down - rather than to look for technology to compensate your (beginners) problems?

Learning CW could take a bit longer than you like to think.

Beeing able to type what you hear is a usefull skill.

Good luck,


Posted: 2012-08-29 16:21
It's not really the speed of the code. In fact, slowing it down seems to make it harder.

On the Morse Machine I have no problems (other then beginner issues) understanding the letters, finding the correct key and pressing it.

The key to it is that I have time to find and press the key and the Morse Machine waits for me.

If someone had the answer sheet and could tick the letters I got correct, I could talk my way through lesson 2 with ease (I think...).

I might try slowing it down again, but I did find that I listened to the individual dit's and dah's rather then the letters.

Btw, I have no illusions as to how hard this will be. I'm not actually required to learn it for my licence, but I intend to operate QRP portable so I figure it'll be handy to know.

Posted: 2012-08-29 16:28
Disregard, I just realised that I can change the speed of the words down while keeping the character speeds up, meaning I can hear the "fast" Morse, but have enough time to find the keys to type.

(For anyone else with the same issue, keep "character speed" the same and lower "effective speed")

Posted: 2012-08-29 16:29
I started blind typing since I had a simila problem. Never regretted this. Although still not a blind typer now I have less delays since I do not need to "choose" a finger now.

Good luck,


Posted: 2012-09-01 14:12
if you make yourself dependant on technology, you will never learn it. You just reach the wall, we all reach once or several times during our study. copying is useful, per hand you might be able to do it up to 20-25 wpm, per keyboard it can go much faster depending on your typewriterskills. However, the next level is to read in your head - and form the words in your head, and write only the things down you need to remember. i.e. call, name , qth, locator ... the rest you copy and respond to in your head. Just like in the computer world, processing in the head is unbeatable (avoiding the relatively slow harddrive/paper/pen) - once you got used to it. Am i there yet? not quite - i copy many things but i am far from copying all - so i still use the keyboard to copy stuff ;; ATTANTION NOW : the trick is copy letter by letter w/o attempting to understand the word , or sentence youre copying. you just do letter by letter and pretend you dont care about what they mean - when the transmission is done, you can quickly read what you have copied. This is the way not to get distracted by the own brain. By doing so, you will eliminate errors, increase speed and you will be prepared to copy whatever someone throws at you, russian , synop messages, 5er groups... difficult coordinates... who knows, a life may depend on it one day.

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