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Thread: Equipment?

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Posted: 2012-07-09 00:41
What is a good keyer to start with?

Posted: 2012-07-09 09:22
A straight key

Posted: 2012-07-10 18:02
What is a good keyer to start with?

How about the one in your rig, if it has one?

Posted: 2012-07-12 01:50
Just bought the rig and getting it set up. It didn't have a key with it. (ts-830s) A straight key might be the best to start out.
Thanks for the replies.

Posted: 2012-07-12 17:36
I agree. Learning how to play a straight key should teach you the fundamental rhythm of the code. This knowledge is important for keyers, since many of them still require you to time the intercharacter and interword spaces. If you are musically inclined, I recommend this video which demonstrates the use of beats to properly form words using a straight key, which I discovered a few years ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tK1ekBwu04w&feature=youtube_gdata_player I wish you the best on your journey! Straight keys are incredible instruments and I hope you fall in love with them. This first key may very well become your last. 73

Posted: 2012-07-14 21:52
a straight key is what you should start out with.
learn to walk, before trying to fly.

one day you may change to a bug (still no need of a keyer)

but if you go to iambic paddle or so, because youre so fast the straight key doesnt do the trick anymore, then you can basically take any "keyer" you want if your rig has none built in.. it is more important what paddle you attach to it.

bencher, schnurr, kent, begali, and if you want stylish and good quality - there is nice keys in ukraine form yuri.. however, i think one should learn to walk first.

Posted: 2012-07-15 15:56
Since you are asking for a keyer...
Option 1: build one yourself, many easy to build designs are available, matter of taste. Done that.
Option 2: build a kit, same applies here. K1EL win keyers are nice, they connect to logging programs (e.g. N1MM logger) as well. Done that.
Option 3: buy a new one. Try getting one of the Superkeyer series (idiompress). I have one of the first and still love it. One of the nice user features is that is has 10 timingsettings for the paddleinput. Done that.
Arie PA3A

Posted: 2012-07-16 02:36
Thanks for all the suggestions!

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