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Thread: Can everyone learn this

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Posted: 2012-06-04 23:23
Are there people that just cannot learn to do this. I mean this is so hard.

It is not for a lack of trying. I know a man that works for apple. The guy is a genus and he cannot learn this. He has tried everything.

Have any of you known anyone that just cannot learn to do this.

Posted: 2012-06-05 11:45
I don't think it's a case of not being able to do it - I think it's a question of what your final copying speed will be. Are you practicing for half an hour a day minimum?

Posted: 2012-06-05 11:56
The Koch method is not the only way of learning Morse. Some folks do find it a good way to learn the code. Others don't...

Posted: 2012-06-05 13:52
No not everybody can learn this,

but when you are able to complete lesson 1, you can learn it for sure at QRSlow.

The only thing required is dayly exercise for a few minutes without exemption and perseverance in order to keep doing this every day for a quarter of an hour.

and THAT - lack of perseverance- is the ONLY reason for failing when you are able to complete lesson 1.

Posted: 2012-06-06 06:42
I am practicing everyday for 1 hour. I listen to MorseMachine to worm up. I then go to Random letters and finish with word training.

I then go back to MorseMachine for a bit in the evening. I am on 17/11 for now. I am thinking of going to 15/15 in a bit. I have also started copying in my mind for a bit. I find this harder.

I am hoping that at some point that this might get easer. Like all of you I want to learn this. I feel it is important to be one of those to not let this die out like so many things today.

This is a long term project at best. Success perhaps is not measured in trying, but in staying at something even if it might be impossible.

Posted: 2012-06-06 17:54
'worming' up sound... interesting.

everybody can learn this. countless army recruits have been pushed through bootcamp courses, succsessfully. Those people havent been "geniuses"

it helps to have a musicalic hearing and sense for rhytm.

It also helps to do the lessons early in the day, when you perform best, and with no distractions.
(drive over your iphone please)

Then, dont do less than 10 minutes, but not more than 1 hr either. Set the bar high enough, so you have to stretch a bit - but not so high that you end up frustrated and with no feeling of progress.

Speed high, but few letters seems to work nicely
for most. you add more letters one by one - as you have learned the previous...

Posted: 2012-06-09 21:55
I also think most people can learn this, although I did not at the beginning. One must stay at it. I know what it is to want to just give it up. No one can learn it by giving up. It is worth the time. Ham radio is just the greatest thing and this makes it better. Whats more, You will know something few have learned.

I think speed will come with time. I also think we will get better with time. None of us learned to read in just 6 months. Even when we could read it took years before we were truly good at it. I think this will be the same. It will takes a bit to truly be good at this but we can learn to get through this. We can learn to do this at our speed. Then we can learn to do it faster just as we did reading.

Posted: 2012-06-10 17:18
Right, it is hard because it takes perseverence, badger. And the total number of hours accumulated in training will be a good reflection of one's proficiency. I estimate 2000 hours of training equates to 40 wpm proficiency, a benchmark for skilled operation. Thus one can roughly calculate how many months it would take to reach this level of skill; At one hour a day, 5 years. 10 hours a day, 6 months. The former is usually associated with a hobby; The latter, a profession. Regardless, time and energy must be spent. Some skills require more total time to master than others. I would evaluate the task of learning morse code hard compared to learning how to ride a bike and equivalent in difficulty to learning braille. But compared to echolocation, which scientists estimate would take the human brain 10000 hours to master, morse code is relatively simple. Just keep struggling every day here, and you will keep learning badger. The methods on this site are effective. You are doing well.

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