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Thread: Learning the cw by what it sounds like?

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Posted: 2012-05-30 19:01
Hey, I know a guy K9RGB who is taking a cw course, and the course instructs you to learn the cw in phrases. Like -.- would be k, o.k. so it would be easier to remember as k. Is there anyone who might have a list of these 'shortcuts' that they use?
Thanks Much-KC9VIV

Posted: 2012-05-31 15:40
Is a possibility, but not recommended. When you build your skill character by character you don't need it. Just start with 32 charcters and when copy >90% add a third character, and so on. No need for learning "All the code" .
Furthermore when you learn all characters that way and you hear dahdedahdit you are starting to think :
"O yes that is a soldier that keeps Changing steps, and didididit didididit is a Horse running.

That thinking is wrong because it makes you decomposing characters in dits and dahs and thinking at which of the 41 tales is matching.

Decomposing and counting dits and dahs has to be prevented.

However, when you learn characters during the course you finish with minor exercising the last added one.

So do what you think is best, unless you decide to stop because then you qualify as a loser in the eyes of the guys and gals with more perseverance.

Posted: 2012-05-31 18:06
Haha, thanks. I've noticed that those 'shortcuts' don't really help as much as I thought they might. What does help for me is working on it it small bites at a time, then coming back the next day or a few hours later. It seems like that's the best way to understand cw, in small bites.

Posted: 2012-05-31 19:01
You are tuned and on your way to heaven.

Posted: 2012-06-10 21:40
no rush dear, i rather stay on the surface a bit longer :-)

V will always represent beethoven for me (dididi daaaaaah!", and L
"ich liebe dich" (dit dah didit) but not all of the characters have such donkeybridges associated with them. It sometimes helps, but it is no "method"... lea is right.
learn randcom characters as random as possible - it may be slower at first, but it will make you a morsereader that cannt be fooled by surprises.

in the navy they made clear, that i must not try to understand what i write to the paper, i just had to focus on the currently heared letter.
if i missed one, i skip to the following one immediately, and leave a square blank on the paper
gaps, can be filled afterwards. It is important to write letters everybody can read also the next day. This all hardenes you against unexpected
sequences of code.

(like someone sending you a real RST report instead the usual 599.. or any other deviation from the standard QSO framework the HST/contest reps are so nailed to that they fall from chair if you dont meet the expectations :-)

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