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Thread: Is it just me??

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Posted: 2012-05-30 18:53
I have been working at this for 8 weeks. I have been doing okay for a bit. All of a sudden I seem to have forgotten some of what I have learned. I have worked up to 18/10. I am no longer going back and forth between a slower speed. It is also easer to do the word training than the random letters. Much easer. I find myself having to stop and think. Is this just me and my age or does this happen to others. Perhaps it just part of the learning curve.

Posted: 2012-05-31 18:54
Words much easier then random letters. Right! Random letters is unnatural and useless, you learn Morse code in order to conversate not as a copy-er of number or random character transmitting stations in war time.

This remembers me of

I tried random letters and I fall back to 40% of my word speed copy by head.

Women in EU don't have an age when over twenty and always after reaching the age of 20 look younger then they are, look at you avatar and agree.

The frequency of using LCWO has increased significant after you presented yourself with your avatar, DJ1YFK told me personally.

Posted: 2012-06-01 02:34
If I understand you right ! You are saying that it is better to study words rather than random letters. Perhaps this might be a better course of action. A better way to study CW.

Words are just random letters if you think about it. You would not be able to study things like period or equal or comma. I will think about this. I am looking for all of the help I can find.

I have found this sight more than very helpful. This is the first place I have gone that put me on the right track. As much as I wonder why I am putting my self through this, I will not quit. I am going to learn this if I at all can.

Some days are great but others are anything but. I seem to just go blank at times. I have heard others comment on this as well.

Thank you all again.

Posted: 2012-06-03 12:44
Words are not random letters, not all combinations of 26*26 pairs are present.

Words has to be exercised by the subset of characters you know.

Normal charatcer spacing. Hence 12/12 or 15/15 n/n what you like best. Hence NOT wide spaced.

Listen to the word, decode at least the first character in your head, repeat the same word, you know aleady the first char, so you have time to copy the second, etc. Repeat the word till you have it complete, repeat it additional at least 2 times and check your result. Do not write anything down. When you are sure you know the word type it in the program in order to hear the next one.

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