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Thread: Counting di dah

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Posted: 2009-01-04 11:23
Anyone got a suggestion for breking the habit of counting di's and dah's. Try as I may I am still counting them and comparing to the look up table in my head. I started at the program default of 20/10 and I am up to 25/17 thinking that the faster the letter the more I would have to trust my reaction and stop the look up. I have been as high as 30/20 but that is just out running me. Any suggestions would surely help.


Posted: 2009-01-06 13:02
Try to keep the speed at at least 13-15 wpm and just practice. Listen to the code and try to just listen to the sound patterns. I had the same problem myself. Basically I just started from scratch using the Koch method, and relearned the code. After a while I got rid of the habit of using the look up table in my brain. Start at a speed of at least 13 WPM. I used 13/18 Farnsworth speed, and that worked for me. I'm now up to 15 WPM speed. My ultimate goal is 20 WPM. Good Luck Dan and hope you will succeed.

73 de LA3AKA - Johnny

Posted: 2009-01-06 14:36
Thanks Johnny! The 20/15 thing seems to be working for me so I'll probably stick there for awhile. I miss letters from time to time but its working. Glad to know that you eventually overcame the look up table in your brain. There may be hope for me!! Thanks Again!


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