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Thread: how to start learing?

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Posted: 2008-12-31 09:57
ich bin blutiger Anfänger und kann genau garnichts. Soll ich nun erst einmal die Lektionen durcharbeiten um Morsezeichen zu verstehen, oder soll ich direkt anfangen auch welche zu "schreiben" ?


I'm a newbie and i still have to learn _everything_. Should i fist of all learn how to understand morse code, or shall i begin to generate morese code right from the start?

Posted: 2008-12-31 12:59
I'd recommend to start writing/typing in the Morse code you hear right away. It immediately gives you a feedback when the text you typed is checked, and you have a good indication when to advance to the next lesson.

Some people actually promote learning CW solely by head-copy (no writing at all) and even claim that CW can be taught that way in just a few days, but I have neither seen anything in literature to back this up, nor do I think it would work well with a computer program (as opposed to a teacher sitting in front of you with a key, who gives instant feedback etc.).


Posted: 2008-12-31 17:58
thanks for the answer, but due to my poor expression this was not my question. I accualy meant not writing down what i just heard, but using a key. I meant the opposite of the Lessons offered here. One get a random text in letters and you have to repeat it with ones key, and a computer (or a teacher) gives you feedback about one's accuracy. Or is it common that one just learns to understand the acoustic signal, and the key using skill is more or less a "side-effect"?


Posted: 2009-01-01 13:24
Ah, sorry. Opinions differ about that, some say you shouldn't start sending before you can copy CW perfectly, others say transmitting practice is very important to learn CW. I tend to belong to the second group. I'd recommend to start (if available) with an electronic keyer (elbug; single lever or double lever) right away and skip the straight key, unless you really plan to use a straight key a lot in the future (but who would want to do that? :-)

Happy new year!


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